Community Acupuncture Circle




Group-based auricular (ear) acupuncture to help restore balance to your body, mind and spirit!


The Community Acupuncture Circle is not currently running. Please keep checking back here for updates. If you have a small group (max 10 people) or you want individual acupuncture, please contact me at the number below.  
  • Where: to be determined
  • When: to be determined
  • Cost: $20 – $30 (sliding scale, pay what you can)

If you are interested in joining, please text or call me at 204-951-2463 or use the contact form in the contact section. Space is limited, and you must secure your spot in advance. 

“Carson’s acupuncture-meditation circle provides an oasis of calm in an otherwise hectic week. I wouldn’t miss it!”

~ P. Johnson, Registered Massage Therapist

What is the Community Acupuncture Circle? 

It is group-based auricular (ear) acupuncture that helps restore balance to your body, mind and spirit! This acupuncture treatment, known as NADA AcuDetox Protocol, has been shown to alleviate stress and anxiety, calm the mind and emotions, improve sleep, mental clarity or focus, self-esteem and general well being. It also helps to rid the body of toxins, and restores balance to the organs. Each participant will have the 5 small acupuncture needles inserted in both ears, and everyone will sit together quietly for about 45 minutes. The effects of acupuncture cumulative, so the more often you come, the more benefit you will get.

The NADA  Acudetox protocol is used around the world to help people deal with substance abuse and addictions, and with people suffering from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD).  With addictions  “… the benefits reported by patients and clinicians are improved program retention, a more optimistic and cooperative attitude toward the process of recovery, as well as reductions in cravings, withdrawal symptoms, anxiety, sleep disturbance and need for pharmaceuticals.”

What points are treated and how does it work?

Each acupuncture point on the outer ear relates to a specific part of the body or a body function. When a point is stimulated with a needle, it sends an electrical signal to the brain, which in turn stimulates the corresponding part of the body the point is related to. The needles also stimulate the release of endorphins, the body’s own feel-good chemicals, which help relax the body and relieve physical pain. Also by sitting together in a group, the effects of the acupuncture are increased. There is a synergistic effect created within the group which enhances the healing potential.

The Points (from top down in picture):

  1. Shen Men Point (Spirit Gate): Calms the mind and helps reconnect you with your spirit or heart. It alleviates stress, physical pain, tension, anxiety, depression, insomnia, restlessness, excessive sensitivity and hypertension. This point supports all other points.
  2. Sympathetic Point (Autonomic Point): Balances the sympathetic nervous system (fight or flight) and helps relieve physical pain in the body. It relaxes the internal organs, dilates the blood vessels, and helps correct irregular or rapid heartbeats. It calms the spirit and helps you find that quiet place within.
  3. Kidney Point: The kidney in Chinese medicine relates to fear, resolve and will. The kidney is associated with our sexuality, hearing, bones, intelligence, growth, development and aging process. The kidney, according to traditional Chinese medicine, is where we store our reserve energy or essence (“Jing” in Chinese). Stimulating this point can reduce our fear, alleviate lower back pain, urinary or kidney problems, hearing problems, and bone disorders. By releasing fear and limiting beliefs and attitudes, we find our courage, will and resolve to move through problems that we are encountering in our lives. The Spiritual Resources accessible through this point include the ability to trust in life and the ability to carry things through.
  4. Liver Point: The liver in Chinese medicine relates to anger and aggression, and our ability to plan and make decisions. The liver is associated with the eyes, tendons and ligaments, and is one of the biggest detoxification organs in the body. It is the primary centre of metabolism. Stimulating this point relieves muscle cramps, liver or gallbladder problems, digestive disorders, improves eyesight, helps heal sprains and strains of muscles, it regulates blood disorders, and helps clear symptoms associated with alcoholism and other intoxicants . It helps relieve frustration, depression and anger. The Spiritual Resources accessible through this point are assertiveness, the ability to plan, have creative vision, to see and follow our path.
  5. Lung Point: The lung in Chinese medicine relates to the grieving process and letting go. The lung is associated with the skin, nose, body hair and mucous in the body. Stimulating this point helps with breathing disorders, asthma, pneumonia, coughs, flu, sore throats, edema, night sweats. The lung is an important organ of detoxification and can assist detoxification with narcotic drugs and alcohol. It can help alleviate skin disorders and hair disorders and can help you breath more deeply and fully. The Spiritual Resources accessible through this point include openness, non-attachment, the ability to let go and move on and the ability to forgive. There is a Chinese saying “If we do not let go of the old, the new will not come.” We let go through the grieving process.

Carson is an Acupuncture Detoxification Specialist.

3 thoughts on “Community Acupuncture Circle

  1. My partner and I have been attending weekly since before Christmas and have both noticed a marked improvement in energy and clarity. It’s also lovely to experience the communal energy available by sitting with others. The needling is quick, effective, and very balancing.

  2. I have been attending the weekly Nada sessions since December and have found them to be very balancing and centering. These sessions have made eliminating wheat and sugar from my diet very simple. and easy.

  3. This is the one hour I look forward to every week to center and calm myself. I would highly recommend this gift to the self for anyone who leads a busy life, is going through change and transition, and for all health care professionals. I feel very calm and peaceful and grounded after. And though I just started meditating a year ago, I find these weekly sessions greatly affect the quality of meditation I do at home ( part of my wellness routine per Dr. Oz ). I find I am better able to calm myself during periods of stress and am my better self.
    I find myself looking forward to these sessions of sitting quietly with acupuncture and having tea after. Very pleasant, light and calming experience. Thank you Carson.

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